Post 1832: “Treats, puh-leez!”

reduced andy

Andy has a plan.

Hint! Hint! Hint!


“This is the way! Follow me, please.” Andy is a polite kitty boy, not a whiner like his brother Dougy.

Yes, Andy enjoys his kitty treats. His plan works every time. Rawr!



17 thoughts on “Post 1832: “Treats, puh-leez!”

    • Unfortunately, I can’t! I have to keep in mind how many I give him, though, because, like human treats, he could put on weight if I don’t.

    • It goes all the way back to when I first met him at the veterinarian’s clinic! I didn’t recognize him as a kitten at first, he was so ruffled up and strange looking, then he walked over to me and my heart melted! That little face won me over instantly!

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