Post 1829: Stupid mistake takes blog down for three days, or was it four?

The new smart television arrived on Thursday, a dialysis day. That means I was not at top form when I opened the package and attempted to set it up for use. And I made a simple but critical mistake: I put the HDMI-1 line in the HDMI-2 port. So, for four days, I was without Internet or television for a simple error.  

Yes, that is the new smart television in the larger photo above. And yes, Dougy (in photo with new television) and Andy both had to check it out, though they’ve never (as far as I know) jumped on the television stand before. Not a good sign! Anyway, they sniffed it, wondered how to incorporate it into their daily routine because they are cats.

That’s Andy by the recliner in the upper right hand, trying to decide if he should shoo Dougy off the television stand so he can check it out or wait till Dougy satisfies his curiosity. He waited. Besides, Dougy was more concerned Andy was by his ottoman than that there was something new in his “zone” so quickly returned there when Andy showed up.


Shortly before the cable company technician arrived and just after the cable company tech support person called me to let me know the technician was on his way –  to help me on a Sunday at 2:30 pm no less! – I learned what HDMI-1 and HDMI-2 mean and which gizmo operates off each one. That is to say, I realized after the cable people made a special effort to squeeze me into their support fix-it schedule what I needed to do to regain the Internet and to complete the simple setup of my new smart television. Gad!

Did I mention the technician arrived five minutes after my epiphany? 

Yes, I did read the instructions from the start, but I had difficulty reading the small molded-in identifications on the two HDMI ports, which are identical in shape and size, a classic Murphy’s Law situation. Oh, and the port IDs are molded in black plastic in excruciatingly tiny letters. 

And how have you been in my absence? Good?