Post 1869: cheating kitty…


Dougy loves wand toy games…

…but he cheats at them every time by holding tight to the toy once he catches it. Yeah, I know. You can’t believe Dougy is a cheater, yet believe it, he is!

Post 1868: Andy tells me…!

Burst_Cover_GIF_Action_20180928093502 (1)

Nothing unusual here, eh?! Kitty cleaning up!


“Yer a bit close, bub!” Andrew isn’t happy to be observed too close up.


Hey! Hey! Hey! None of that, kitty boy. I control distribution of the treats!

Post 1867: Andy’s delight…


Andy is a bit grumpy…


…waiting for his home-grown, fresh ‘nip!

(Not to worry. He got his nip. No photos were taken, however, thanks to a smart phone failure. Frankly, neither kitty boy reacts in a cute way to ‘nip. Both make a face like they just smelled a skunk. Dougy runs away and Andy circles around my hand with the ‘nip till he adjusts to the stench – ‘nip has a really nasty musky stench in my opinion and Dougy’s – then he sniffs and licks and chomps down on the leaf. Dougy eventually comes around for his share, but he prefers kitty treats over ‘nip any day!)

Post 1866: Andy relaxes after medicine time…

Andy may resist medicine time, but he doesn’t fight the chance to relax on the recliner. For the sake of happy kitties, I leave the foot rest up to let the kitty boys have a favorite place for their snoozes.


That’s one content kitty in the photo above~! Of course, I rubbed his ears and muzzle before I took these photos, two of Andy’s happy time activities that always gets him purring.

Post 1865: Yum! That was good!


Dougy finishes first, leaving the rest of kitty food breakfast for Andy to eat.

Post 1864: Andy puts up resistance…

IMG_20180307_003906Andy managed to evade capture at medicine time today. I eventually found him hiding in the guest bedroom bathtub.

But I did give him his medicine, his treats, then he ran off to clean up. Things usually come about, no matter what Andy’s mood!


Andy says, “There’s always tomorrow….”

Post 1863: Dougy is such a goofball!


This is Dougy’s classic position for kitty bathing. It makes me laugh! He looks like a little old grumpy man. If you watch him, he stops, lowers his head, juts it out and glares at you. “You watching me?!” >Hrumph!< 

After he finishes his kitty bath, he rolls over and sneaks peeks at me.

>Hint! Hint< “Now you can ‘scritch’ my tummy, Doug [the human one]!”


Post 1862: Dougy, before and after…

IMG_20180818_005756 (1)

Before he’s brushed, Dougy has this look…


…but this is his look for next to no time after he’s brushed. His ruff is starting to mess up in the after photo, for that matter!

Post 1861: Andy gets ready for Caturday…


The ritual starts! Says Andy, “I have to work at it.”


And work…


…and work….


[“Whew!”] …and work…


…and work!


Time to snooze! It’s Caturday!

Post 1860: Andy finds a sweet spot!

andy finds a sweet spot

Yes, there is an ceiling fan directly above the recliner and a steady breeze Andy likes to enjoy!