Post 1831: It’s Blogging Cats Calendar time again..!

Weggie Boys collage.jpg

Andy and Dougy join other blogger kitties for the second year as pin-up kitties in the blogging cats calendar. Here’s what their page will look like!

24 thoughts on “Post 1831: It’s Blogging Cats Calendar time again..!

    • It’s a fun way of sharing one”s Adorables! A lot of them are favorites one knows from following their blogs, of course, and some are new to you.

    • No, it’s a $35 item – last year – and I will try to post information when I have it. It is more like a weekly planner than a calendar, a book format with cats on one side and a week worth of days with space to write reminders. Of course, there are 52 collages of different cats for the 52 weeks.

    • Fun to do, too! (I just submitted the photos, and Paula, the person behind the calendar) made the collage from the ones she liked.

  1. Woot Woot, I’m so glad they’ll be in it, ’cause it would be the same without them. Mom and I luv all their photos! I’ll be in the calendar, too. Between the three of us, we’ll make sure that black floofy cats have representation. Tee hee hee.

    • Only one is just not right! I agree at least 12 of you two would be just about right, though I doubt that would be enough for all us Weimaraner fans, especially you two!

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