Post 1823: dream time…

Ever vigilant Andy. He watches Dougy while Doug tries to get him to play….


…but Dougy is in REM sleep or something like it!


Well, Mr. Sleepy Butt’s awake now, but he still isn’t quite in the same page as Doug!


The television gave up the ghost yesterday afternoon, so I read the rest of a book then went to bed around 4:30 PM… to take a short nap that ended at 3:30 AM! Even the kitty boys couldn’t get me up at their preferred kitty food time, 12 midnight.

I vaguely recall visitations from wee four-legged angels, but Morpheus had hold over me. I woke up well-rested, but well behind schedule, that is to say, if you expect a 2:00 AM post, you were disappointed.

Of course, today was the time MS “decided” I needed to change my password, a process that began with a little message to please wait while it took a five minute pause to piss me off but for no particular benefit to MS.

Then we went through an ordeal till I got the code that allowed me to create a new password, then another while I came up with a formula that matched the particular “needs” of MS and security.

By the time it all got me to my home page, I’d lost my good mood, yelled at the moon, and basically vowed to put my laptop under the front wheel of my VW Golf Sportwagen – sic- and drive back and forth over it till it was atoms.

andy winksAnd how was your morning?