Post 1884: the big day…

Today’s the day we have a veterinarian’s appointment. Andy hopes this is the day his veterinarian says he only needs one dose of that icky blood pressure medicine each day instead of two. Better yet, NO doses!

In the meantime, Doug (the human) and Andy go through this ritual twice a day: Andy hyperextends to try to get away from the impending medicine (lower right); Andy enjoys a few quiet moments of brushing and petting till he starts to wiggle, indicating he is ready to bolt (upper right); Dougy swaddles Andy in the towel (left); the dose…(which Dougy can’t photograph because it requires two hands); the kitty treats, which Andy (and Dougy) enjoy.  


30 thoughts on “Post 1884: the big day…

        • It went well according to Doctor Dave, and Andy was a perfect angel on the examination table! Well, toward the end, he got tireed of the process and got a bit growly in protest to the length of time spent with him, but that is typical for my little guy! He’s that way at the groomer’s too. Fortunately, there’s no aggression along with the vocal protest!

          • I had to look around to see who you were talking to, Dolly. LOL! Well, I guess they are reasonably well-behaved for kitties.

          • Believe me, they are! And just like any parenting, when kitties and kiddies get undivided attention and plenty of quality time, results are much better than being on their own most of the day and entertain themselves by creating havoc.

          • How true! I ewaited till I was retired before I got pets for that reason. They do need lots of loving and attention.

          • I’ve been retired for a couple of years now, but I don’t seem to be able to give up teaching, so my kitty gang gets all kinds of attention, but of very limited duration, unfortunately.

          • I think that’s fine! Teachers are treasures in so many ways. I had some who retired, then applied for teaching jobs in country schools or a local Catholic K-8 school.

  1. Keeping our fingers and paws crossed for good news! Mr. Bowie needs to go for a medical checkup concerning his ear infection next Friday. He’s tired of getting ear drops twice a day…

    • Poor kitty! He and Andy suffer the same torment of twice-daily medication. Tell Mr. Bowie it could be worts – Andy has to taste the icky medicine!

      Best wishes for Mr. Bowie’s visit to his veterinarian this Friday!!

      As for the kitty boys, they had good check-ups. A full update is in today’s (October 16th) post.

    • Weren’t they sweeties? If you want to see them in action as kittens, check out the videos on YouTube – my channel is phainopepla 95.

    • They were seven years old on July 1st this year. By most measures, that makes then middle aged. Persians are particularly prone to kidney issues, so anything that contributes to kidney failure, high blood pressure, for example, is worth controlling. He’ll continue on his medicine, but the good news is it’s lower than before, if slightly elevated.

    • It most likely will be. The kitty boys are acting well, have no lumos of other signs of ill health. Granted, cats can hide ill health shockingly well….

    • No treats for kitties at their veterinarian to get them to take medicine! They leave that to the humans when they get the kitties home! Besides, what they have to look forward to (but don’t know yet…) is two shots each!

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