Post 1894: What time is it..?

Kitty food time! Woo hoo!

12 thoughts on “Post 1894: What time is it..?

    • They’ve shared the food-time plates since they were wee kttens, so it’s never an issue, even if they are having grumopt days!

  1. Mealtime is when Budd talks my ear off. The girls sit dainty and nibble their food. Budd acts like a vacuum and it’s gone in seconds. Now I give him half his food in the bowl and half a few minutes after the first bowl. He’s finished and looking for more and the girls are still nibbling away. I have to put the girls and their food out of reach of Budd or he’d eat theirs too.


    • Sounds like Andy! Poor Dougy better come for supper when I put it out or he’s stuck without. I leave dry food out so he can get his nutrition.

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