Post 1901: Agitated!


What’s Dougy’s tail trying to tell me!? I’m not sure, but it may be he sees Andy. You know, Andy might walk past Dougy’s sanctum sanctorum, the most holy of holies, Dougy’s ottoman. The nerve!

20 thoughts on “Post 1901: Agitated!

    • Yes, he’s claimed (for now) a large carrier by the water fountain. Before that, he claimed the stacked carriers by the recliner. Dougy is the only one that claims one thing and sticks with it!

    • Notice how he’s looking back over his shoulder? I suspect he heard or saw Andy back there! The get along, but they are a bit competitive for my attention or other things.

    • Body language at the time suggested he was upset his brother might be coming into the livingroom, meaning he MIGHT walk by Dougy’s ottoman!

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