Post 1920: sleeping in…


Rawr! Some dream!


12 thoughts on “Post 1920: sleeping in…

    • Any toime is nom tiome around here, with an expectation of kitty treats pretty much a givem! I try not to go over board on the treats because I don’t want them getting fat now that they approach their older years. So far they’ve maintained the same rough weight since adulthood, thanks to my makiong a conscviuous effort.

  1. Dougy is such a sweet cat! He looks like he is dreaming about his favorite treats. Do Andy and Dougy snore? All our cats do. It can be the weirdest noise to have 4 or more snoring away at night, each on their own melody and time signature. 🙂

    • I think he must have happy dreams most times, though I have witnessed him acting like he was being chased or something – you know, feet moving like he’;s running. Of coutrse, he might be chasing something in his dreaml too., Both kitty boys like to run at high speed through the house.

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