Post 1955: morning chores…

Dougy looks better, but I still have till the 14th, minimum, to give him his twice daily medication for his eye. He was a pretty good patient today, excellent for Dougy! I think, I hope he now associates the drops with reduced pain or discomfort in that eye. He sneezed a bit after this photo was taken, one of the symptoms of feline herpes.

Andy, wrapped in a towel in preparation to give him his medicine for high blood pressure. He’s giving me that usual “Stare of Extreme Upset and Disapproval Prior to Ripping Out ‘His’ Carotid Artery with My Razor Claws of Instant Death” look. He was a good boy, however, giving me no excessive hassles today. The kitty boy medicating chore went well, with minimal stress to us all! (No animosity left over – he just stopped by for a chin ‘scritch’!)

10 thoughts on “Post 1955: morning chores…

  1. Mom and I didn’t know that Dougy has feline herpes. I have the virus, too. It lay dormant in my system for the first few years Mom had me, but then something triggered the virus to flair up, which it does now from time to time. I sure hope Dougy’s calms down. Purrs and hugs.

    • Yes, apparently feline herpes is commonly passed from mother to kittens in many cases, and that is what happened here. Andy seems free of it, but he has food allergies to make up for being feline herpes-free! Just as you have noted: Persians are delicate kitties.

  2. I am glad Dougy is doing better. My Polar Bear has herpes and he sneezes all the time. He often needs to get antibiotic shots.

    • I was surprised how smoothly it’s been going. The first day was a time for relearning how to do Dougy’s eye drops. The larger towel was a super improvement for containing him!

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