Post 1953: Upset!

Dougy doesn’t like it when I’m on the laptop. He gets really growly.

16 thoughts on “Post 1953: Upset!

  1. I wonder why he gets upset? I put Shoko’s basket on the desk and she snoozes or watches me or the screen. It makes a big difference. Budd lies on the cat pole beside me. Tyebe just sits wherever she wants. CATS! hehe


    • I’ve always been an early morning person. No one calling me. I can read a book, watch television, catch up on WordPress comments, not have to interact in person with people till I’m awake enough to handle it! Plus, Andy and Dougy wake me up arouind 11 PM-2AM, depending on how hard I’m sleeping.

      • I live alone too so nobody to bug me! Decided against getting a cat because of the brand new furniture going in my house. It’s a long process to get this house fixed inside and out.

        • Wise move, said he disloyally to his two cats! Ylou’ve no doubt noticed the ruined ottoman Dougy claims. That’s just part of it! Enjoy you new things. Some day, when they aren’t nice and new, you might reconsider having as pet.

    • Dougy watches for a little while, but Andy is my kitty video aficionado! Dougy’s issue is he wants me to brush him or play wand toy with him.

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