Post 1959: Caught you, Dougley!

Woo hoo! Didn’t blink, did you, big boy!?

Twice in a row! I just want to show your friends around the world the eye drops are helping your right eye heal. (Taken yesterday, January 9th.)

30 thoughts on “Post 1959: Caught you, Dougley!

    • Dougy wouldn’t either if I didn’t wrap him in a bath towel to give him the drops~! If you ever need eye drops of liquid medicine given with a syringe, I highly recommend the “kitty burrito” technique! You have to snug things up or the kitty will escape, but the towel helps save you and the kitty harm from claws and struggles.

    • Same here. If you see head-on shots of my kitties here, it’s only because I took several shots your= don’t see for me to get them!

    • Thanks! Believe me when I say it is pure luck on my part and lots of editing through tons of photos to get a few decent ones, if I’m lucky.

    • Happy New Year to you, too! It definitely takes a lot of time to stay in control of one’s WP viewing. On the other hand, what you miss you miss! I sometimes think I spent too much time here, yet I do enjoy the comments and seeing what others are posting.

    • He has become very easy to catch. All I have to do is wait the short time it takes for him to hop up on the ottoman, begging to be brushed, brush him a bit, then pick him up! He hasn’t made the connection yet.

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