Post 2000: Snoopy is a dog…

I sat my sparkling water down on the end table next to Dougy’s ottoman…

…and he has to investigate, making sure I didn’t object, of course!

Briefly diverted by some other scent of interest, he eventually…

…gets back to the main object of interest. That is the point where I decide he’s investigated long enough. I don’t want cat “cooties” on the drinking surface!

Louie the ginger cat, the predecessor to the kitty boys, was a snoopy cat, too. I came up with this joke for Louie: Snoopy is a dog/ Louie is snoopy/ Therefore Louie is a dog!

Ha! So is Dougy!


16 thoughts on “Post 2000: Snoopy is a dog…

  1. haha…snopy is right. I’d rather that than the stage Tyebe’s going through. Tyebe’s snoopy and unco-ordinated. She’s a clumsy girl and her sides knock the candles on the floor. Pictures are crashing down around her. She’s broken two tapered candles but she just watches then fall. No need to look….they’re broken. If she could just sit and sniff a new article, that would be cool.


    • I stopped putting up Christmas decorations years ago because of the interest they had for my cats! (My crèche has a baby Jesus the same size as a mouse pup, and the kitty boys…well, it’s best not to put it out! LOL!

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