Post 2040: the souvenir…

It didn’t take Dougy long to get back to his ottoman after his outside adventure.

I’ve told you he is a snoopy kitty, and I’m sure he had lots of very satisfying sniffs the 11 or so hours he was outside. (Notice I used this photo on the missing cat poster – his horns are up! Ha!)

I suspect Dougy hid in bushes, too, to practice catching birds because there were lots of these little leaves and other organic litter in his fur when he was brought home. Oh well. We – Andy and I – are glad the little rascal is back home with us!

22 thoughts on “Post 2040: the souvenir…

  1. OMFP (Oh My Fluffy Paws!) That was a long time for Dougy to go missing! I wonder if he was following a ghost trail. Thank the heavenly stars that he is back home now and safe. I bet he could paw pen a book about his adventure. I would totally read it! Hugs.

    • I’d like to know what he did all day, too! (He had ground litter on hisd tail, so I know he explored places I’ve seen cats using for bird hiunting….)

    • Me, too. It was just a short time from the time I realized he was gone till the young man who found him knocked on the door, but it was an eternity.

  2. I learn , Dougy played the missing cat to chase the birds in the bushes . . This is his wild instinct that takes again control on it ? You should be worry, Doug .
    In friendship

    • Me, too! I suspect he will continue to look for opportiunities to sneak out, so I will need to be more vigilant when I have the door open.

    • It was scary, but he was gone just a few hours after i realized he’d been gone, as best I could figure out, several hours. I think his toital adventure must have lasted about 11-12 hours, less than five of which I was aware he wasd gone since I had dialysis that morning. It was when I got back home and put out the kitty bloys’ midday wet food that I became aware he wasn’t around.

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