Post 2048: What’s up, Andy?

Andy’s up to something…!

Not sleeping there today.

There’s a clue, I think….

Aw, yeah! The mockingbird comes to torment Andy, too!

17 thoughts on “Post 2048: What’s up, Andy?

    • Andy has a more subtle hunt style where he stays in the open and is very still till the “prey” happens by. I learned to handfeed pine siskins by watching a neighbor cat use this style of hunting. Of course, if you have to move in closer, you do it with the least amount of action. The “prey” is a bit alarmed, but settles down quickly. Little by little, the kitty gets right where he needs to be for the kill!

    • The kitty boys have tried and tried to chew it to pieces, believe me, but they aren’t as efficient at it as are da Nellie and da Phenny. Perhaps I should send them to France on the QE2 cruise ship to learn from the pros! They can show you how to handle live birds…KILL! KILL! KILL!

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