Post 2073: reluctant kitties…

Andy wanted kitty treats, but I made him pose. He was not happy!

Nor was Dougy…

…who fled as soon as he saw the smart phone!


Post 2061: how it happens…

The kitty boys do require…

…lots of maintenance to come to you pretty and adorable!

Post 2043: to kill that mockingbird…!

Dougy knows how to hunt birds and the mockingbird will die today!

Silly bird! Dougy has you in his sight!

“Kill! Kill! Kill!” Good grief, Dougy!

[If you wonder how much fun cleaning after a couple of Persian kitties can be, that carpet was clean less than 24 hours earlier, yet the kitty boys have already begun covering it with kitty hair.]

Post 1869: cheating kitty…


Dougy loves wand toy games…

…but he cheats at them every time by holding tight to the toy once he catches it. Yeah, I know. You can’t believe Dougy is a cheater, yet believe it, he is!

Post 1169: BOO!

Sometimes, when I least expect it, Dougy or Andy sneaks up on me and startles the bejeebers out of me!

10416 do0ug in yer face.jpg


10416 doug scared.jpg

“…must check my pants!”