Post 2063: Where’s Andy?

Dougy’s sad. He wants to play the string game with Andy, but Andy isn’t to be seen. (Andy’s hiding from Doug the human because he just got his morning medicine. Andy’ll stay out of range for awhile till he’s sure there isn’t any more medicine waiting for him! That’s where Andy is.)

He doesn’t even want to catch the mockingbird. Hey! When you are in the mood to chase your brother around in the string game, catching the mockingbird just isn’t fun.

12 thoughts on “Post 2063: Where’s Andy?

    • Oh no! The sting game starts out with a yowl if Andy initiates it, but Dougy just waits for Andy to show up, I guess, because I don’t recall him ever calling for his brother to join in the game. Dougy’s hunting style is to hide and ambush. The string game is play hunting – they chase each other, alternating between huinter and prey, depending on which direction they are running through the apartment!.

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