Post 2136: a major distraction…

Everyone knows by now that the kitty boys work very hard and long to achieve that quality one of their fans, Dolly, says makes them “The Adorables”. It takes a lot to distract them from that task, yet it is during Dougy’s touch up session that he has a major distraction.

Is it? Could it be? Surely this came to an end yesterday…!


Tah-dah-duhhhhhh! No! It’s that dang bug again! What is it…IMMORTAL?! Dougy wants to know.

16 thoughts on “Post 2136: a major distraction…

    • Fortunbately, I rarely see bugs or other critters in the apartment, but (if this is the bug I think it is) they reportedly are abundant this year and are seeking to be inside homes. AND they have a painful, nasty bite! Once I identified it (or think I did), I decided I will mash it to a horrible paste if I see it and Dougy doesn’t finish the job first.

        • I used to know a University of Nebraska couple, members of Nebraska Ornithologists’ Union, who were entomologists at UN-Lincoln. Unfortunately, I believe both are deceased now or, like me, inactive in the organization. They would be perfect people to ask the question at the fall meeting in September. I suppose I could ask a biologist at the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission, too, and they have a regional office here in my hometown, a short drive from where I live.

    • I appreciate that! There are days I wonder if I should drop the effort to keep this daily, and drop back to once a week or randomly, when the notion struck me. Your comment reminds me there are [people who look forward to the updates on the kitty boys, so I need to stay the cfourse!

    • No, just one bug. I have the local pest control kitties who see to that! This one just happens to be a bit hard to kill with a swipe of a kitty paw as it is a beetle.

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