Post 2135: Dougy’s bug…

Dougy’s bug manages to survive his swats. I’ve witnessed three direct hits so far, and all that comes of it is the bug falls behind the light stand, safe from my kitty boy. Will Dougy catch it? Time will tell.

19 thoughts on “Post 2135: Dougy’s bug…

    • Both kitty boys would have been pleased to help yuou out, though you hads such a huge invasion that I suspect they would have become bored at some point and rolled over on their backs. Of course, they’d get up from toime to time to get their kitty snback of Greenies. (The bug is still around. Dougy intends to deal with it.)

    • I think it is a blister beetle, but haven’t found an exact photo of it in any of the bug ID sites. It’s black with red feet, which seems like a fairly unique combination that would easily bring something up on Google.

      It’s about half an inch, perhaps a little more, big (1,3cm), so is a fairly big bug.

    • I think it is an assassin bug, which has a painful bite and sucks mammalian blood. I plan on helping Dougy on the chance I am right.

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