Post 2186: Dougy likes the flyswatter game, too!


After Andy leaves, Dougy thinks he might enjoy the flyswatter game, too.

First, Dougy needs to scout the scene out. Is there any chance Andy will come back and spoil his fun? Is there still a “mousey” for him to catch?

No Andy! So Dougy works the pile to catch that “mousey”!

All good times must end. Dougy departs stage right.


6 thoughts on “Post 2186: Dougy likes the flyswatter game, too!

  1. It looks like the fly swatter is becoming a favorite toy. It also looks like Dougy doesn’t read the papers, but trust his brother to start trashing them, so he continues the job. And Oh! that gorgeous tail!

    • They both play in the ripped up papers until I get out the swatter…! At some point, I’ll have to trash out the papers. They are getting pretty ratty.

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