Post 2206: Hey, Dougy! Want a “scritching”?

Pat on Dougy’s ottoman, and he usually hops right up. Whether it means he’ll get brushed, which he love, love, loves, or it means he’ll get a major “scritching”, he’s ready for what comes.

Woo hoo! First he’s coy, then he’s into it!

16 thoughts on “Post 2206: Hey, Dougy! Want a “scritching”?

          • I am relieved. As they say, you can take a psychologist out of practice, but you can’t take practice out of a psychologist, even an educational one, like myself. Some responses are pure reflexes.

          • That applies in so many ways to all professions, I think. I spent the majority of my work life in quality-related work, including developing materials to help my plant achieve compliance with ISO 1000 and auditing to verify compliance afterwards. I find myself acting as an auditor of materials hospitals hand out to inform you of patient’s rights, services available, etc. , then letting the staff know what I think of their work on those materials! LOL! When I got Dougy’s bloodwork report this week, I was impressed with how the complex material was simplified and explained with an abbreviation guide and graphs that showed where on the the scale of low-normal-high his test results were. I was so impressed, I told his veterinarian how much so! Actually, I’ve found people appreciate a former quality guy’s favorable comments on their work, though I wonder if I ever will reach a point where I don’t feel compelled to evaluate and report my findings. LOL!

          • I know what you mean. I have to hold myself back when people tell me about their kid’s teachers and/or therapists. It’s none of my business, after all, unless there really is a problem, in which case it’s everybody’s business, by law.

          • My “interference” generally is noncontroversial since I just comment when I feel a quality effort is exceptional compared with what I’ve seen in similar businesses. Everyone likes to hear nice things, eh?!

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