Post 2212: Dougy meows it’s ok to show him and his icky eye…

Dougy isn’t thrilled about being held on his back under any circumstances. Unfortunately, that is the best position to hold him to medicate him. For that reason, I have to wrap him in a large bath towel to put the gel and eye drops in his eye. 

The gel is a pain, and, if Dougy moves his head just a little, the gel ends up on his face. The drops aren’t as difficult to manage. Regardless, I got him medicated and we have just till September 30th to suffer (yes, both Dougy and me!) this need.

I was worried he might become fearful of me because of this, but the medication must make his eye feel better because he’s his old buddy-buddy self with me. Whew!


29 thoughts on “Post 2212: Dougy meows it’s ok to show him and his icky eye…

      • I am glad to hear that! Meanwhile, Barmalei had an allergic reaction to something (he is just like me – allergic to everything in the world!), and I had to rush him to the vet yesterday. Considering that we are leaving in a few minutes on a long car trip up North, that was quite a scare! He is fine now, after two shots, thank G-d!

        • I can’t imagine what that was like for you, Dolly. I try to imagine how I’d tell if one of my Persian kitty boys had an allergic reaction – hidden under all that kitty fur, and I fear I might miss the vital clues. Anyway, good news about Barmalei!

    • Dougy is a n easy patient by an large, though I still have to immobilize him in a heavy blanket for best results! He seems to accept it, making me think his eye feels better after the treatment.

    • Ugh! I can imagine what that’s like! I have good results r=wrapping kitties in heavy towels for medicine giving purposes, but they still can move just enough to avoid the medicine if I’m not alert…!

    • A very sweet kitty, too! It surprises me that Persians are cast as villains in movies about cats and dogs when they actually have extremely mild, sweet dispositions.

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