23May20: Dougy settles in…

Used to be only Andy blocked the television. Now, Dougy seems to think it’s a good place for kitty boys to have a cat bath…

…or just to lounge and watch the screen.

 Of course, cat baths are more fun. Dougy’s unanimous on that.

23 thoughts on “23May20: Dougy settles in…

    • When I repositioned mine, I did it to make things a little less messy looking and easier to access if I had to re-establish connection to the Internet. Of course, when I put the kitty lounger by the tv to settle kitty fighting over another lounger, it created the same problem for me when they sit on the end by the cable box!

  1. Yep, they can ruin a program. Shouting, “You’re a better door than a window,” to them just gives one a quizzical look. The worst is when I’m talking on the computer….like a virtual doctor’s appointment and Shoko decides to walk in front of the webcam….sometimes she actually sits down and starts cleaning private parts!


  2. They learn from each other, the kitties. I can see various habits “spread” through our crew. Abby learned to bite the top of my head to get up, just like Hope, from watching her.

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