16Nov20: Carhenge is fun!

An old photo post card of Carhenge, my town’s claim to fame. 

Come on, Andy! It’s lots of fun!



22 thoughts on “16Nov20: Carhenge is fun!

    • It went from the city fathers and the Nebraska Department of Roads calling it an eyesore that must be torn down; to public support to keep it up and painting the cars a uniform grey and removing and burying Japanese cars in the original in a “grave” on site and replacing them with US made cars; to the city fathers buying the now-famous internationally Carhenge and running it. Yes, once the city fathers realized (very late) that people on their way to the Black Hills stopped by and spent money in town and others made a side trip to see Carhenge and spent money in Alliance, it suddenly wasn’t an eyesore any longer! A miracle!

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