24Nov20: “Kiss Me Deadly” ~ film noir pour le chat noir…

It looks like Andy is a film noir fan. He hasn’t taken his eyes of “Kiss Me Deadly” since it started!

It’s getting intense now! What do you think about this film, Andy?


37 thoughts on “24Nov20: “Kiss Me Deadly” ~ film noir pour le chat noir…

  1. I like film noir, too. Mom is hooked on the Thin Man with Nick and Nora and doggy Asta. I like it, too, but I think they should’ve had a pussycat actor instead of a doggy to help them with their sleuthing. Winks.

    • Those are favorites of mine! I even have a DVD set of the whole series. Great entertainment! Kitties became more popular in movies as pets of villains or villains themselves – clearly propaganda created by writers who were dropped on their heads as babies!

  2. Xena: I watch Netflix sometimes, if the show is any good, and especially if there is a dog or a horse in it. I bark at the horses and make sure the dogs aren’t getting anything that I’m not. XOX Xexe

    • LOL! Andy is a good movie audience, though he periodically blocks the closed captions on foreign films in any language but English.

  3. This is a funny post with two famous actors . The show is in your room rather that in the TV!! 🙂
    BTW, Doug, do you know “le Chat Noir ” a famous cafe-inn in Paris around Pigalle , Rue de Clichy . This inspired a song “le chat noir ” that all of the French know! 🙂
    In friendship

    • I’m aware of the place, though I only briefly walked around in that part of Paris. My friends lived in the 5th Arrondissement. I don’t know if I spotted that cafe-inn.

      A funny film is set in that part of Paris – Quiet Days in Clichy (Danish: Stille dage i Clichy), released in 1970 according to information on the Internet. I recall seeing it several years ago but don’t recall where.

      I do remember L’Escargot Montorgueil, with its gold snail, which impressed me at the time. (Yes, I’ve eaten snails several times, but, oddly, never in France.)

    • “Guy running around smooching pretty human girls too much – getting beat up several times because humans do this – finds something that glows in the dark and it burns his arm – neat time where he and pretty human girl run into the ocean to watch house burn and blow up! I rate this film: Too much human smooching, not enough blowing up. No butt sniffing, though, so I don’t know how smooching could happen.”

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