Post 2028: thwarted…

He sniffs it but Dougy doesn’t want coffee, so what’s he up to?

Oh the torment!

He’s trying to figure out how to open the pill bottle to get to that silly plastic strip off the kitty dry food bag! (I put it in there for the kitty’s safety. I think they would try to swallow anything they chewed off,)

10 thoughts on “Post 2028: thwarted…

    • I’ll believe that when he opens it himself! LOL! (Actually, he does know how to h=get me to open it up for him, so that counts as clever.)

    • LOL! …and we spend lots of money buying expensive toyrs for our furry companions! Milk bottle caps are a big deal here, and the favorite toy is a string that came off a wand toy. They created a game using it where one uses it as a gauntlet to challenge the other to a weild chase through the house. He’ll yowl a kitty insult, loud and vulgar (?), then the other will chase him to the other end of the house. Then, the che=ased one turns around and chases the chaser the other direction to the opposite end of the house. This goes on till they aare tired! I’d like to toss that string, but they clearly still play with it as I’ll find it new places all the time.

    • I’ve had to pull packaging out of Andy’s mouth when he tried to swallow it. I make an effort to make sure nothing I think they might try to chew that could harm them is put away or secured in the trash.

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