30Nov20: Andy and I play kitty games…

Rub-bah-dub-dub I rub my kitty boy’s head and back! Andy’d purr but then I’d know he really, really, really likes this!

“Well?!” Andy lets me know “Pissy Kat” is back, and “Pissy Kat” wants to be left alone.

“See! I can ignore you. In fact I am invisible to you!” (“Oh! Oh! Oh! Where did the kitty go!” Hee! Hee! I play along with Andy because it is fun and no harm comes of it.)

Andy checks to see if I’m still looking for an invisible kitty cat. “Oh! There’s Andy!” Hee! Hee! Hee! It is fun playing peek-a-boo with a kitty. Maybe I’ll rub his tummy next. I know that drives him nuts because he knows I know he knows I know that he knows that I know he likes it! 





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