36 thoughts on “08Dec20: too tired…

    • Yes, especially when they have to work harder than usual to wake their humans to make sure kitty food time is on time. Ask Andy about that!

    • Me, too. I rarely get more than two, three hours in a row, and Andy wakes me up lots of the time when he feels it’s time to feed the kitty….

      • Ah, you took me back then Doug, mate.
        Many years ago, I’d cashed-up and was taking the rubbish out at theback of the shop[, and some nknown reason I didn’t throw the bag in as I mormally would have, and inside the bin was tiny kitten, it couldn’t have a few weeks old. I took in inside and aoart from clawing, it seemed to understand himan reaction, I took him home, in the box on the motorbike, and Cyril loved him. That first night, well it was theonly night he stayed, Cyril introduce him to the Let’s-Wake-up-Gerry-Game. The next day it broke my heart, but took him tpo the cat rescue centre in Carlton. I could not cope with him and Cyril working 60 hours a week, (this was before Lady joined us) A couple of years later, out of the blue, I got a letter from the kittens new owners, a simple note, telling his name is Pluto, and he is doing well and is happy. I cried with joy. Any time I hear Pluto mentins on the radio, or TV, it comes back to me.
        Funny old things ain’t we, Doug.
        We both struggle to sleep as well, Hahaha!
        Take care, Sir.

        • A regular Frank Capra Christmas story, Gerry. I appreciate that. These are such sad times any good news, happy story makes a day. Happy first COVID-19 Shots in England Day yesterday, with a 90-year-old granny and the eyebrow raising Mr. Shakespeare…there will always be an England!

          • I’ll have a look at the YourArea Email Magazine when it arrives, Doug. Find out what’s waht in Nottingham, Shot-wise.
            Are they doing them your end?
            Cheers, Doug.

          • All’s well in hell. COVID-19’s busting all records and people are still stupid about how to avoid it. I doubt they will get smarter once Biden’s in. Sometimes I wonder how this country managed to become dominant (at one time) when such a large number of citizens can’t work out which way’s up.

          • People in my area think they know better how to deal with COVID-19 than epidemiologists who’ve decades of experience dealing with them. “Dropping like flies”….

          • Not that I ever see anyone in the flats nowadays, but the few I have met are more bothered about the updating works going on than the virus, Sir. Hehehe!

          • Updating works are a noisy intrusion in one’s peace and quiet, for sure, and sometimes an intrusion in one’s privacy, like when they updated those windows that ruined the ease you once had to take those window photos. I know I dislike having staff show up to do things in my apartment, too.

          • Good luck with that! I can follow them because i value my miserable life, but there are too many who still think “it can’t happen to me” walking around to assure the COVID-19 virus a happy home and a long stay. Sad business, but they have to have a whole family infected at Thanksgiving, with two or three of the family dying before they think “OH! Maybe COVID-19’s real! But i won’t get the vaccine.” Idiots abound or, as a college chum cynically noted “Common sense isn’t too common”!

          • Same views here on the clots without masks, swine can pass it on to others! Grr!
            Sounds like the High-Riskers are going to be innoculated at the General Doctors Surgeries, I’m not too keen.

          • There seems to be more and more, nowadays, Doug.
            Childhood sweetheart and husband Christine ane Paul, Keith, Sister Jane’s neighbours, some in the flats here… Oh dear!

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