09Dec20: just up…

Andy does spend time awake, believe it or not! But it takes him a bit of time to fully wake up.

Predictably, he does what he does, namely, take a kitty bath!

That was exhausting!

I bet I know where this is headed!

No? Seriously, I thought I saw the signs…

… that, yes, kitty boy is ready for a nap!

16 thoughts on “09Dec20: just up…

    • Yes, 25 miles/ 40.2 kilometers (more tiring to contemplate!) and waves that could sink a small fishing boat just like that! (They managed to get home.) I bet he had nightmares. Of course, they were out fishing for tuna, so maybe he had happy dreams. Those fish were huge!

        • Gad! Yes, that was harrowing to watch. The tuna fishermen got caught in a similar perfect storm and stayed out beyond that smart time because they wanted to catch one more tuna before the season ended. I suspect commercial fishermen must have shorter lives than most people. There’s that crab fishing on the Bering Sea program that I barely can watch – but do when I come across it! – because of the seas they fish on. I guarantee I’m a “landlubber” when it comes to any water big and deep enough to float a boat on.

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