03Jan21: Andy makes his own game…

Andy is clever when it comes to playing by himself.

He traps the “mousie” in the shredded paper mice nest and bats it around!

He remembers another “mousie” he chased under the recliner. He makes another attempt to dig it out.

Oh yeah. That one got away and Andy needs Doug to make the recliner open up so he can capture it. This is how most of Andy’s play things end up. Under chairs, behind doors, in the middle of the floor to be stepped on, everywhere!

18 thoughts on “03Jan21: Andy makes his own game…

  1. That looks like a bottle cap there, a favorite toy of our cats! They are very good at making their own toys, though occasionally someone gets into Rick’s netted hot pepper drying rack, and takes one of the hot peppers. I find very few with teeth marks. Probably only takes one bite to discover they really don’t want one! I do find the peppers in strange places.

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