Post 1583: same old, same old…

Dougy and I were in intense feather toy play when I accidentally flopped the bird into the overhead fan light cover, causing a loud “ping”.

The “ping” sound was very, very, very interesting to Dougy, so he hopped up on the recliner to try to catch whatever made that sound!

I tried to get him reinterested in the feather toy, but Dougy insisted there was something big and worth a follow up behind that “ping”!

Andy, on the other hand, made sure his “precious” was cleaned and kitty-sanitized for the next use.

Just the same old, same old at the kitty boy place…. 

14 thoughts on “Post 1583: same old, same old…

    • They get bathed every other month when they go to the groomer. I don’t bathe them. I think it might be a good idea but my experience bathing them when they were kittens with diarrhea pretty much cured me of the desire to ever give another cat a bath, let alone two of them, and even more so on any regular basis. I do brush them, and that gets the loose hair and seems to clean them up sufficiently as well. (Andy and Dougy love Coco, incidentally, and so do I!)

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