18 thoughts on “23Jan21: sleepy…

    • I’ve joined in the “anytime nap brigade” since I retired in 2009. It’s my belief that what America needs most is to take a midday siesta!

    • Best o9f all, it’s next to the window he can look out of to see the tweety birds in the apple and fir trees! If i don’t do anything of interest, he can hear the birds and take a window seat to get a little bird watching in. I’m a life member of Nebraska Ornithologists’ Union. Perhaps I should be Andy a membership, too. LOL!

    • I agree! I’ve often felt a mid day siesta would be just right for a healthy outlook and productive life. If nothing else, I know it helps my disposition. Andy will have to speak for himself, but he does seem pretty pleasant when he just wakes up!

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