29Sep20: What would Dougy do?

I put a new newspaper down for Andy. This is a challenge: What will Andy do?

He’s thinking…what will he do?

Here’s what Dougy would do.

Andy! Andy! Andy! What would your late brother think? This newspaper will live to see another day.

25 thoughts on “29Sep20: What would Dougy do?

    • He actually respects Dougy’s claim to The Ottoman! He won’t get on it unless I put the lapboard on it. I guess Dougy’s scent is still strong on it. Even I knew no to put my feet on it! LOL! Dougy was a tyrant when it came to his claims.

    • I hope to share these early videos from time to time so people who missed Dougy when he was alive get to see how he and Andy interacted, how Dougy played and was a kitty.

  1. Opinions….everybody has an opinion. Even Andy has to have his say. mol

    Remember, when your mom cleaned the window with windex and newspaper? The print had something that helped shine up the windows.or so mom said.


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