19Mar21: a new toy, an old response…

Andy’s introduction to his new toy was less than encouraging.

What’s on television is more engrossing, eh?

I tried another approach…

…but Andy stared at the end table. What?! 

I had enough Amazon Visa points to “pay” for this toy, that is to say it cost me $0.00. At that price, I’m OK if Andy never plays with it, though I think he does like the catnip scent that comes off the toy. That’s one thing at least!

31 thoughts on “19Mar21: a new toy, an old response…

    • Thanks! Cats never stop amazing me. Andy, for example, quickly loses interest in expensive cat toys, yet a wad of paper never tires him. A bottle cap? He’ll bat one around on his own any time he has one!

  1. Well he did give a try or two. Auntie gave me a spinning toy that caught my interest a few times, but then I got bored with it. She had bought it originally for her kitty, but he never played with it. Tee hee hee.

    • I’d seen that toy advertised, with cats glazed-eyed from catnip and the joie de vivre that only comes with this very toy! I wouldn’t buy it (knowing my cat), but when I had enough VISA points to get it and shipping and handling for nothing, I thought, “Why not!?”

  2. You are an excellent teacher, Doug, using the astonishment and action pedagogy. But it is for young children and apparently cats are not very sensitive to it. .
    In friendship

    • You know it! Andy love, love, loves the caps of of soft drinks. He bats them around like he plays for Manchester United.

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