16Aug21: ‘kitty tears”…

Poor Andy! Everything is in turmoil during the family visit. He can’t even look out his favorite windows in the guest bedroom. (“People sleep at night???” Andy is confused.)

Andy runs over to the recliner. “What? The footrest is down?” How frustrating. Kitty tears tell Doug the human that poor Andy’s favorite places are off limits or, at least, unavailable during family visits. What’s a kitty to do?! 

“Hint! Hint! Maybe Doug the human will put the footrest up. I’m his kitty boy! And I’m a good kitty boy. Always!”

Sorry, Andy. The footrest is in the way when there are others in the house. They have to go to the airport for home in a few minutes. I know you can hold out!

“I counted on you, Doug the human!”

Dear me! Line’em up for the traditional “leaving for home” photo no one in the Thomas family wants to line up for! “I’ll edit it so you look good,” I promise, though the part I edited out was the cluttered computer table and another mess behind sister Kathy and friend Sid. You know, things that edited out make me look good. Oh well, she got one of me, too – damn those smart phones! everyone has them, and everyone takes tons of photos! It, Kathy’s photo of me, shows Jabba the Hutt post Star Wars. Or maybe it was me…. (Of course you can’t see it! LOL!)

After I drive Kathy and Sid down to the airport in Scottsbluff, I return home in time for sun up. The visit was a good one. Andy mostly enjoyed the visitors, though “zoomies” the first night and kitty boy visits to both windows in the guest bedroom meant my visitors got to experience Andy in an unpleasant way at night, hence the closed door today!

Wipe away your kitty tears, Andrew. Thanks to the visit, not only is the apartment cleaner, there is almost no clutter on the dining room table. You know what that means! [It means a kitty boy will spend lots of time on the dining room table, snoozing, taking care of his “precious”, and snooping out interesting kitty things Doug the human usually hides from him. Also, Doug the human thinks he might find it interesting to keeping it cleared and returning to eating meals on it instead of in front of the television. What a novel thought!] 

30 thoughts on “16Aug21: ‘kitty tears”…

  1. It ;looks like you had a pleasant family visit, Doug, even though King Andy got miffed. He can’t be blamed – he got booted out of all his favorite places. I’ll have you know that he has filed for compensation!

    • Yes, and I fear he has a good case! It was a very pleasant time. I hadn’t seen Kathy and Sid since 2016, the last class reunion (55th) they attended. Kathy doesn’t think they’ll have any more reunions, but says she will try to get back to Nebraska more often. I hope so!

          • I hope you are well! I have the same concerns every time I visit my cousin who has recently lost her husband. She is completely alone and quite helpless, if it weren’t for us, not in terms of health, but in the everyday logistics which she had never had to tackle. She is very careful but she still goes out while I don’t because I cannot be vaccinated, as per my doctor. In addition to that, I have the two youngest grandkids staying with us every other weekend, and they go to school. All we can do is pray and hope.
            Be well and stay safe, Doug!

          • It is a confused mess what one should do. I can appreciate your concerns about the grandchildren and how they might infect you. I guess one’s best guess is to actively work at mask wearing, social distancing, etc. as long as the pandemic is with us. I feel bad that you can’t get the vaccinations, per doctor’s advice. I am fortunate that the dialysis unit routinely gets flu shots, COVID-19 shots, and others.

          • You are lucky. It’s practically impossible to work on mask wearing and social distancing if most people out there don’t. We just had a virtual faculty convocation where we were officially told that masks are mandatory on campus and in the classrooms. When asked about enforcing it, the answer was, ” Well, if we start enforcing it with students, we might lose even the low enrollment that we were able to drum up.” That’s why I don’t even go out on the streets, let alone college campus.

  2. Doug, this is a totally off topic question, but I noticed you drive a Volkswagen. Do you like it? And does it have an automatic transmission? The last time I drove a VW I had to use a stick, which was daunting since I hadn’t driven a manual car in centuries. I ask because I’m thinking of upgrading, especially since my Honda has over 140K on the odometer. (Of course some Honda aficionados will tell you the car’s just getting warmed up at that level.) I don’t like using a touchscreen to operate the controls on the dashboard, but it would be nice to have a rearview camera when I’m backing up, and built-in GPS, since Google Maps drains my phone battery in just a couple of hours.

    And I totally sympathize with Andy regarding out of town guests. Sure, you love seeing them but having them bump you out of your favorite chair or keep you from using the guest room as a walk-in closet is tough!

    • It’s an automatic transmission 2016 VW Golf Sportwagen. I do like it, and it typically gets 45+ mpg on the highway and 38+ in mixed driving I typically do. It isn’t a touchscreen, and the various features can be clicked on on the steering wheel, Whichever feature you are looking at shows up in the screen with the speedometer, etc. so you don’t have to look over at the bigger screen. The little car icon on the screen moves across the screen as you use gas, and there is an estimated total range left on the screen as well. The way I drive, I could drive clear across Nebraska and still have miles left. Unfortunately, VW dropped this station wagon from its lineup in the USA, and the hatchback version (also lots of fun – I had one when they first sold here as Rabbits in 1975) is the only version they’ll sell here in 2022, in the hot rod version at $44,000 or so, well beyond what I’d want to pay for a car at this stage of my life. There are other models – SUVs – that don’t have the same fun factor or fuel economy, and VW is heading into all electric models pretty soon, in the next few years, model by mo9del, which will take them out of the market for me, sitting out in a part of the country where range per charge and the impact of weather on the charge would make the VW impractical! I don’t have the knees for manual cars any longer or I wouldn’t have traded for my VW in 2016. The last manual I drove was a new Audi Fox (1977 model), which was lots of fun when I had the knees for all that shifting!

      Andy had the “zoomies” the next day, he was so wound up from all that deprivation. LOL!

      • Cars, both used and new, are insanely expensive here in California, more so this year because of a computer chip shortage and transport/import issues related to the pandemic. (At least that’s what the Toyota salesman told me when trying to sell me on a $28,000 Corolla. I said no, because honestly, it didn’t look like a $28K car, especially the interior.) I love the VW hatchback, but yes, $44,000 is too much. Also, there’s now a push to get more people to switch to hybrid/electric cars here, which won’t work for me unless the senior complex installs recharging stations in the parking lot. I seriously doubt that will happen—they can’t even get the security gates to open properly! (I could run a heavy duty extension cord from my apartment to my assigned parking spot if I punch a hole in the window screen, but I’m afraid Sunny will figure out a way to make that hole cat-sized.)

        Maybe my son-in-law will pass on his hybrid Lexus SUV to me when he decides to buy the VW SUV, which he loves, or a Tesla. If my daughter lets him, of course. She is anti-car, though now that they live in the suburbs, she may have to get used to driving again. Or maybe I need to buy an electric bicycle. Which won’t be fun to use in the winter! 😛

        • Yes, access to a charging station sounds like a unicorn plan for car makers hoping to sell many cars here in Western Nebraska! I like the idea, just not as it could be implemented now.

    • Andy was social when Kathy and Sid were here. Of course, both have had and have kitties at home, so Andy knew that right away! Of course, he’s met them during earlier times.

    • Yes, though his high rate of “zoomies” post visit suggested a lot of stored energy from having to sacrifice his favorites spots during the visit.

    • Andy got the guest bedroom door shut at night after the first night when his “zoomies” over both sleeping guests’ head woke them up. Andy just wanted to look out his favorite windows for the tuxedo kitty or bunnies who show up at night.

    • There is one. The place looks especially better, though, for all the things only I would know could go into the trash and that got tossed.

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