18Aug21: cats are a pleasure…

Another of my favorite videos of the kitty boys!

He was a wonderful part of my life for such a short time. Louie.

Cats are amazing athletes.

Andy let me know it’s time for kitty food!

11 thoughts on “18Aug21: cats are a pleasure…

  1. Awww, what beautiful cats they all are. Loved seeing how grand Andy’s tail is! Louie was beautiful, and Dougy too, and I know how much you still miss them as I too miss all my kitties who are “at the Bridge”. It’s good to have the sweet memories.

  2. Louie had a lot of personality. He laid down for the last time where he was comfortable, a favorite place. I join you in your memories of joy and sorrow, Doug. Louie, Freckles and Dougie will always be with you in spirit.

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