27Aug21: snow





The next few days, I’m featuring the late Louie the ginger cat in my blog posts.

I’m a bit amazed I posted all of the Andy and Dougy videos, some at least twice. I don’t know. Lots of them, anyway, and I decided I wanted to post the Louie videos as well as some of the Louie photos I posted on this blog in the long ago early days – this blog goes back to mid-2009.

Every time I have a catastrophic computer or laptop failure, those early photos get lost except for being on this blog. I am glad of that! Now they are on my current laptop, too.

20 thoughts on “27Aug21: snow

    • Initially, I didn’t do that, but after my first computer went belly up, I learned that was a good way to assure I always had them, too! By the same token, I use WordPress the same way for photos. Once I turned it into a daily post, it became a bit of a diary as well. Family and friends also use it as a way to keep track of what’s going on with me.

  1. Snow is something I don’t see too much of in my area. The big fluffy flakes are fun the watch! Kitties love it when the wind drives the flakes, too. I put out a birdfeeder in winter, but this past winter, the deer started helping themselves to birdseed!

    • I love big, fluffy snow, but I am less thrilled with it when it gets deep because my VW Golf Sportwagen isn’t beyond getting stuck. As a person with limited mobility, I do better with a walker than a cane, but getting stuck means I have the double problem of having to use the less stable alternative way of getting around – the cane – in snow.

      Where I used to live, I fed the squirrels, um birds, too! It fueled an interest in bird watching, then the arrival of a phainopepla in my backyard. The report I sent in to the official keeper of such records for Nebraska, the Nebraska Ornithologists’ Union’s Record Committee, eventually accepted my record bird as the first and so far only record for that bird in this state since records began with the Louis and Clark Expedition! I eventually served as vice president for that organization.

      I’m trying to imagine deer at a bird feeder, and the only thing that comes to mind is how expensive that must get! Squirrels were a major part of my bird feeder expenses, though were very entertaining and cute.

  2. Pretty snowstorms! Those are rare events where I live, though they do happen now and then. Snow really got the kitties’ attention in that first video!

    • Yes, the kitty boys really enjoyed watching the snow come down! Andy wouldn’t venture out into the snow, but Dougy was a little explorer. Once, he got out when I was looking up at the sky, and got to spend six or so hours in the cold till someone found him and collected a $200 reward for my missing cat! As long as he lived, Dougy had to explore his surroundings.

  3. You have so many wonderful videos of the kitty boys, Doug. I enjoy them, thanks for sharing! Do you have an external drive that you can save the videos and photos on? I use an SSD drive. When I run out of photos to share on my site, I use the huge library I have as well as my Dropbox cloud storage.

    • YouTube has served me well for that purpose. I have saved them on memory sticks in past, but those tend to get misplaced in my usually-messy organizational “system”. WordPress serves a similar purpose for photos, with the added bonus of being “organized” by date, wihile my photos also come up on Google search by whatever search words I used on my Word Press posts, though that’s a bit sloppy compared with using the search feature on this site.

    • Snow is welcome in small amounts, though this is a semi-arid tundra-like climate. Any moisture in any form is welcome as long as it’s in moderation!

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