01Oct21: Dougy’s ottoman…

This is the front end…

and this is the other end. 

Andy’s gradually getting used to the idea Dougy isn’t around to shoo him off the ottoman.


24 thoughts on “01Oct21: Dougy’s ottoman…

  1. Sometimes you feel like if you just leave things almost the way they were the one you miss may come back, even if only for a little bit.

    • In fact, each time I see the damage Dougy did to the ottoman, it’s like having him here. Of course, I have framed photos of both kitty boys where I can turn my head a little and see them in their boxes!

    • It may be. It would be nice to be able to understand what’s going on in their heads. My favorite story as a child was the Dr. Dolittle book because he could talk with the animals!

  2. It does take a while after there has been a transition for the remaining cats to sort out their place. Glad to see Andy is feeling more comfortable investigating places that were once off limits.

    • I knew a woman whose last name was Otto, as is the last name of my financial advisor. I vaguely recall a guy named Otto in the 69th Signal Company (Photo) motor pool, when I was in the US Army in Germany. He was a huge man and he drove a Renault 4, which amused me at the time. Now, I’m big (fat) like him and drive a VW Golf Sportwagen, which is similar in appearance to some other callow uyouirth, perhaps!

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