12Oct21: Andy hunts flies and mousies…

Andy will miss fly season.

All isn’t lost, however…

…because there always are newspaper mousies to hunt!


I hope my Canadian friends enjoyed their Thanksgiving yesterday! Here’s a comparison of how Canadians and Americans observe their respective Thanksgivings:

A brief history of Canadian Thanksgiving | Salon.com


34 thoughts on “12Oct21: Andy hunts flies and mousies…

          • Thanks! I’ve been blessed with good kitty boys and a kitty girl since I retired. it’s been a journey I’ll never regret.

          • Yes, Freckles was a small, grey tabby I adopted from the local shelter. She and her littermates had been abandoned by someone in a trailer court when they left town. They’d been at the shelter several weeks (as I understood it) by the time I adopted her. She and they’d been in cages all that time, able to hear and smell, but not see the dogs in the other part of the large room. (That’s since been changed so cats and dogs are in separate rooms.) I had her briefly, such a short time I can’t even remember how long. She overlapped Louie the ginger cat by a short time, so they were known to each other. When she was spayed, there was a complication so they kept her over night. When they checked in the morning, she’d died. I think it was stress, both from the operation and the fact she was once again put in a cage, surround by dogs. She was a very sweet kitty girl. When I brought her home the first day, she’s the kitty (then about four, five months old) I put on my chest who started purring. The purring put me to sleep. I woke up an hour or so later, and she was still on my chest, purring. She was a very agreeable cat, one that would have been a wonderful one for a long life. I have only one poor photo of her, taken with a webcam. To see that photo of Freckles, look at the top of any post, looking for “In Remembrance”, which is dedicated to the memories of the three kitties who’ve died in my little family. She’s the first one.

          • It was. I’m sure that is part of why every cat after her has been male. Spaying is a tougher thing to recover from than neutering. When Andy and Dougy had their day, they came back from the veterinarian’s and it was as if nothing happened. They ran around like normal and didn’t even have to have a cone.

          • Luckily, all our kitty girls, one after another, never had a problem. Barmalei and Beba came to us already ‘done,’ which was a condition of adoption at this agency. Beba had been so sickly when they found her that the vet was doubting whether she would survive. Yet the spaying had no effect on her, or so we had been told. Barmalei, however, almost became a victim to a vet’s mistake. Erroneously, he was assumed to be a girl and so had his belly shaved and cut. He still has a scar under the fur and doesn’t like his belly touched, but other than that, he is strong and energetic, thank G-d.

          • I mistook Louie the ginger kitty boy for a female when I first got him. I scheduled a veterinarian’s appointment to have him spayed. When I handed him to the technician, she exclaimed, “He’s a neutered male!” Whew! He was spared Barmalei’s experience at least, and “Lucy” was renamed “Louie”.

  1. I was interested in it myself since so many things about Canada are alike the USA, yet most things are just a little bit (or more!) different.

    • I was interested in it myself since so many things about Canada are alike the USA, yet most things are just a little bit (or more!) different.

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