15Oct21: checking it out…

I caught Andy checking out the carrier by the recliner. He went in briefly…

…then came back out. I guess it would make a good kitty den if it meets his approval. I’ll leave the door open, in case.


FridaySunny, with a high near 48 F./8.8 C. Breezy, with a northwest wind 15 mph/ 24.1 kph to 25 mph/ 40.2 kph, with gusts as high as 35 mph/56.3 kph. That’s the weather report for my area today. Earlier this week, 18-wheelers were being blown off the road! I didn’t feel like my VW Golf Sportwagen had a chance, but, then, I didn’t spend much time out on the highways.


Dolly, this is the carrier I have for Andy. There are numerous carriers with wheels available on line, and I highly recommend any carrier that can be pulled instead of carried.

27 thoughts on “15Oct21: checking it out…

    • I let my kitty boys have the chance to use the carriers as dens on the hope they would be happier when I needed to take them places. In one instance, I couldn’t find the late Dougy when it was time to take both kitty boys to the groomers. I took Andy and came back home to look for Dougy. FI looked everywhere for close to an hour, then, on a hunch, I looked in the lower carrier by the recliner. Sue enough, Dougy was hiding there! I slammed the door shut and managed to get him to the grooming appointment just before Andy was through with his session!

  1. I was told cars with a “low profile” do better in high winds than SUVs and trucks with a high clearance. That’s not to say I would want to take my Civic out for a drive on the freeway while hurricane-force winds are blowing! We had 40 mph winds in my area two days ago: a friend who had to get to an appointment with a specialist got hit in the face by a loose palm frond, which is spiky and painful. Stay safe, Doug and Andy!

  2. The wind can do so much damage as it does down here recently, Doug. It’s 50F this morning. Brr! I hope Andy will use the crate as a new den. Cover it up fully with a big towel, that may help.

    • He is an unhappy traveler, unfortunately, though he tolerates short trips. The late Dougy absolutely hated travel, and whined the whole time the car was in motion.

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