10Nov21: And some feature two…

Andy’s a bit miffed that he hasn’t been featured exclusively of late.

Even mugs with him on them don’t count, I guess. Of course, this one features both Andy and the late Dougy, watching backyard birds.

“I know where you sleep!”

Andy is a serious kitty.

17 thoughts on “10Nov21: And some feature two…

  1. Doug, where did you get your photo mugs? I used to order mine from Shutterfly, but their prices have gone up so much, I’m reluctant to get more. (Most of my mugs feature grandchildren photos, but I have one of Sunny looking pleased with herself.) They are a nice way to preserve memories and photos, especially as I’ve taken so many pictures over the years, I can’t find the older ones on my computer.

    (Yes, yes, I should take some time to organize them into files with dates and subject lines, but the last time I did that, it took me a whole day, and I didn’t even notice the.sun had set. Plus my back hurt from sitting at the computer for hours—I should have taken a break, but I was afraid I would lose my place if I stopped!)

    • Zazzle.com. They are fairly expensive, too, but periodically have sales that bring the prices down to something I’m willing to pay. I just looked at Shutterfly, and they had a sale going on. Eleven ounce mugs – $8.99!

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