06Jan22: edge distortion…

Andy is a cutey pie, but edge distortion in my smart phone camera makes him look like a chronic drunk!

Better…a slight change of angle helps. Love how he crosses his paws!

His favorite place and position these days in the recliner footrest. It has just the right-sized depressions and rises for a comfortable sleeping place for a kitty boy! He also love, love, loves to roost in the depression in the recliner arm. 

He started to take a kitty bath when I called his name. Poor kitty! He didn’t need the distraction.

22 thoughts on “06Jan22: edge distortion…

    • That he is/was, and, yes, that recliner footrest is perfectly contoured for a kitty. I know the leather ansorbs/reflects (?) heat, so that’s an additional attraction

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