07Jan22: the box…

What’s more fun than a kitty and a box!? Really!

Andy! Get in the box!

Andy almost got in the box. This is as far as he got.

Stray focused, Andy! The box! The box!

This isn’t going well.

Oh well. The box.


32 thoughts on “07Jan22: the box…

    • Interesting how cat preferences work, isn’t it? Andy and his late brother both were very territorial about boxes, but where Andy loves catnip, his brother didn’t care much for it unless it was the home-grown kind. Andy likes it anyway he can get it, fresh, dried, ground up.

  1. Thank you for more “Slices of Cat Life”. I always enjoy them.
    It was slightly spoilt by the rather insensitive positioning of five smallish advertisements over the course of a fairly short set of photographs

    • I think I stopped the advertisements. I had set them up as a way to earn a little (very little!) with my blog posts. On three years of doing this, I barely have US$98 earned. They don’t pay till you have US$100. Anyway, I don’t see advertisements when I pull my posts up, so was unaware of the disruptive placement of the advertisements. I appreciate learning about this from you and would appreciate your follow-up to verify the advertisements are gone. Thanks! The disruptions would be very annoying to me since I try to create a specific result when I write and create a photo story about my cat. The advertisements would not help!

    • I get lots of them since it’s easier for me to order things than to try to make the rounds of shops here to find something, if at all….

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