10Mar22: Andy’s hesitant, yet curious…

Andy and I wake up to light snow yesterday morning.

I call him over to the open door. He is hesitant, yet curious. What’s beyond the door?

>sniff! sniff!<

Cold and (maybe) that cat, the little tuxedo that comes around…? What?

Andy needs reassurance.

“That was scary, Doug. I’m just a little kitty.”

A big bird sits outside the front door….

34 thoughts on “10Mar22: Andy’s hesitant, yet curious…

    • Besst of all, it wasn’t anywhere close to as much as predicted! Had it snowed as much as predicted, there would have been six or seven inches (15-18cm) covering everything! My car probably would have struggled to get through that.

      • oh, sure it’s not nice to be shoveling snow. Here in my country it never arrives, only in the mountains it snows, but it is very cold and soon it should be spring but unfortunately this climate is strange. The land is dry, during the winter it did not rain. The lawn is dry, there are no flowers and the land is barren. it’s very sad.

  1. The bird with a snow cap is cute, but Mr Andy’s baffled expression is priceless. Even huge and fearless Vassily I grew up with had never ventured onto the balcony, if it was even drizzled with snow. Thankfully, it was a very rare occasion in Odessa.

    • Or the US South! Of course, the South often has rain preceding the snow, so you have a skating rink for motor vehicles then. Where I live, one usually don’t have the rain first.

    • I’m not certain why he reacts to the door the way he does, though the bird planter seems a potential answer. The tuxedo kitty is a scaredy cat, so Andy is frightening to it.

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