30Mar22: doing better now…

I’ve been sick the past day, and haven’t the energy yet to create something new. I hope these replayed photos of my little sweetie pie, Andrew James Thomas, get you through the “drought”! 

45 thoughts on “30Mar22: doing better now…

    • Thanks on both counts! I’ve taken tomorrow’s photos and worked up my post. Best of all – for me! – I feel really good today.

    • I definitely am glad Andy is a cat for that reason. When I retired, downsized to an apartment, I decided I needed a pet. I always had – and love, love loved! – dogs as a kid, but realized their pooping in other people’s yards was nothing compared with their barking as an irritant. So, since dogs suitable for apartment living (little guys!) tend to be “barky”, I decided to try cats. It turns out I’m not only a dog person, I love, love, love cats, too! On the other hand, I think dogs tend to be more sympathetic when you are feeling poorly than cats, though Andy did stop by a time or two to remind me he wanted food. LOL!

    • Yes, I noticed that, too! Anyway, Mine was a very short illness, one that I handled with rest, Tylenol, Perrier, and an antacid.

    • Yes, Michel’s health issues are much more serious just now. I’ve been worried about him, too.

      I feel much better – normal – today. I was able to deal with it with Tylenol, Perrier water, rest, and Tums. It was a one day thing, fortunately.

    • Some cats are, anyway. Andy stopped by my bed to remind me it was “kitty food time”, though there was food in his dry food bowl – he wanted the wet food.

    • Thanks, Charles! I am happy to report it was a short illness! I hear flu is spreading around, and suppose (from what was happening to me) that was what was going on

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