Post 1951: Andy’s celebration is over…

Andy had a busy New Year’s getting Doug (the human) up at 11 AM New Year’s Eve for “Kitty Food Time”. Then it was time to clean up!

“Kitty Food Time” went well, though only after too long a wait by Andy’s reckoning. Doug – the human one – had to wash a sink full of dishes to get to the kitty food dishes first…!

What next??

After a little thought…

…Andy had his answer! Woo hoo! Zzzzzzzzzz…


25 thoughts on “Post 1951: Andy’s celebration is over…

  1. a may bee knot sew much post ree lated commint 😊

    stopping bye with a new yeerz toon
    wood sure bee nice if this waz joon
    coz oh everee thing we bee a wishin…
    weed bee ona boat N due in sum fishin

    happee new yeer frum de frozen tun dra ~ !!

    • That biting thing is something they tell us is kitty love…! LOL! Sure! (Andy sometimes gives me a light kitty bite, in a context thatr suggests there is something to that kitty love thing.) The kitty boys also like to chew magazines. I leave them on the floor for them after I’m done reading them, and one or the other kitties is on top of them in a blink of the eyes, They like to shove a paw between the pages because they know thjat’s where the mice hide. LOL! It’s cute when they do it

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