21Sep22: bugged…

Andy spots a flying insect!

Around and around it goes.

It looks like it’s about to land!

Andy takes a swat, but…

…he misses. It looks like Andy will get lots of fun out of this one!


21 thoughts on “21Sep22: bugged…

    • Andy just bats them around till they escape or succumb. I’ve never seen him eat any insects, though his litter when he was a kitten ate some grasshoppers with a parasite and all required medical treatment. Perhaps he recall thhat time!

    • No millers here just now. This was something that flew by so fast I couldn’t identify it. It was spindlier and less moth like than a miller.

    • I didn’t see any second swats, so am happy I managed to photograph the first one. He may have had better luck later when I wasn’t home to see it.

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