31Oct22: …a surprise for Andy!

Andy doesn’t know it yet, but he goes to the v-e-t-e-r-i-n-a-r-i-a-n this morning! It’s just a check up on how the medication’s helping.

33 thoughts on “31Oct22: …a surprise for Andy!

  1. I hope the vet checking was good for Andy.
    Figure Doug your name don’t happen anymore on my reader . Again a wordpress fantazy .
    I started to be worry . So I make a try in starting from one of your comments on my post and I found you!
    Besides this week will be busy . I will have a surgery on my left leg (angioplasty ) . next Friday ( angiolasplasty) . Legs’arteries are half closed giving pains and more at the foot.
    In friendship

    • Best wishes on your surgery, Michel. I’ve had two angioplasties on my fistula, and the procedure is relatively easy to go through. I had no complications and no pain afterwards. Andy did well when he saw his doctor.

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