01Nov22: Andy’s veterinarian trip…

Andy’s blood pressure is high-ish still, but more than 50 points lower than last time. Whew! His hyperthyroidism is in check.

I don’t get it since the eye drops knocked the pressure down the first time, yet his eye pressure this time was high. Rebound?


My unofficial “measure” of Andy’s state is he is generally feeling better because he is more playful. He also shows more interest in his surroundings. I feel more comfortable with how he is!!



32 thoughts on “01Nov22: Andy’s veterinarian trip…

  1. Good news on the blood pressure. As for the glaucoma, Rick’s mother had some sort of blocked duct which helps drain the fluid. In her case I think it was scarring from previous eye surgery, but I suppose it could happen in a cat for other reasons. Latanoprost was the glaucoma drops she was on.

    • Absolutely! Andy never has been exceptionally playful, unlike his late brother, so any playfulness, to me, is a happy sign for Andy!

    • He currently isn’t on any blood pressure medicine and I’m a bit surprised his veterinarian didn’t add that to his care. I guess it must be because three weeks earlier, it was above 200 Systolic!

    • The trick with the eyes is gentle positioning with one hand while squeezing the eye drop container with the other. Having Persians, I can vouch for eye drops over eye infection goop, which I had to put in the late Dougy’s eyes several times during his life. That was a major hassle for cat and man!

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