15Mar20: more drama…

Dougy’s asleep, dreaming kitty dreams. Watch out Dougy! Here comes…

…ATTENTION! Yes, Doug (the human) can’t resist a soft, floofy kitty boy and he wants to pet Dougy. OH NO!

Dougy moves away from Doug (the human) and can relax again.

La! La! La! Andy pops into the scene, unaware of Dougy’s presence…yet!

Uh oh! Dang that Dougy! Andy just got comfortable and a chase is about happen.


Andy’s still in the guest bedroom, Dougy’s just coming out. They must have resolved their issues like good kitty boys! (Or had a dust up in the dark. We will never know.)

19 thoughts on “15Mar20: more drama…

    • That is a fact. Sometimes I feel like Jane Goddall. “Then the tom I named Dougy meowed plaintively, clearly understanding I would react to this sound by giving him some Greenies treats…” Ha!

  1. There seems to be drama a lot of times with your cats. Will we ever know who won out? probably not but it would be interesting to know who won out don’t you think so?

    • The winner dominates the travel paths through the apartment for a few days, then they have a staredown and chase where the other one gets to be top cat for a few days. Though I post lots of drama posts about them, most of the time they are lovey-dovey best buddies!

    • LOL! And how! Yes, it was those cute fluffer faces PLUS being kittens at the time that made me agree to take Dougy and Andy home. If was impossible to say no to such cuteness!

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